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Current open positions at Family Tree Clinic

Family Tree Clinic is committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff. People of color, LGBTQ-identified individuals and those with Spanish or ASL fluency are strongly encouraged to apply.

*Pro-tip: When applying for jobs at Family Tree, or anywhere really, don’t assume one’s gender based on their name. It’s cool to address cover letters by first name only. Or use Mx. if you want to get formal.


The Provider (Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistant) delivers Family Tree Clinic’s mission through patient-centered, identity affirming, and trauma-informed care. The provider works closely & collaboratively with others in the clinical team to provide health care that allows individuals to feel empowered to lead healthier lives and have access to comprehensive sexual health, minor illness care, and an informed consent model of gender-affirming hormone care.  Family Tree Clinic serves a diverse clientele including a high volume of uninsured and low-income individuals experiencing health disparities and disenfranchisement from the traditional health system. Please see the full job description here.

To apply for the Provider position, please email your cover letter and resume to Nyssa Krause (she/her), Clinic Director, at Applications received before May 31st will be given priority.

Summer Design Intern (10 hours per week/June-August)

Family Tree Clinic seeks a design intern to assist with executing our rebranding over the summer. We have recently developed new brand standards with the generous assistance of KNOCK. With our new brand designed, we are spending the summer implementing it in every aspect of our clinic. The design intern will gain experience in rebranding, creating design for nonprofit organizations, and nonprofit communications. Students will earn 3 credits and $15/hour. Must be able to work remotely.

To apply for the Design Intern position, please email resume, cover letter, and website link or 3 work samples to Alison Nowak, communications manager: